Allen Middleman

Allen Middleman, an Accredited Mortgage Professional, joined Freedom Mortgage Corporation 15 years ago. He began his role there as a trainee, learning the various aspects that comprise the Mortgage Loan manufacturing process. As he advanced his mortgage career, Allen spent time as both a Retail Loan Originator and a Wholesale Account Executive. He is proud of where he is today and truly values the input received from his many teachers along the way.

In his current role as Senior Vice President within the Freedom Mortgage Wholesale Management team, Allen’s successful initiatives include the creation of the Freedom Mortgage Wholesale website (, representing the company for Freedom Mortgage Wholesale’s nationwide tradeshow participation, in addition to heading up the Wholesale Division’s InTouch sales team, a nationwide broker outreach group. Allen is an innovator, professional networker and widely recognized by his 50,000 LinkedIn followers.

Allen lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but has had the privilege of seeing the growth of the Mortgage Broker Channel in all corners of the country firsthand through his travels to national industry tradeshows. In close partnership with Freedom Mortgage Wholesale leaders, including Les Acree and Keith Bilodeau, Allen is proud to support the Mortgage Broker Channel and the historic contributions Freedom Mortgage continues to deliver for the Mortgage Broker Channel.