Joy Huska

Joy Huska is a veteran national credit sales consultant who covers the entire continental United States with in depth knowledge of credit. She consults with banks, credit unions, real estate firms, specialty law firms, and states including local and federal government sectors. 

Joy’s focus is on consumer credit and risk management. She has a great passion for teaching about credit, risk management data and compliance policies and laws. In these classes, she covers topics of credit, VA loan benefits and the SCRA (Serviceman's Civil Relief Act)—programs that enable the dream of home ownership for those who have served. Joy is also an expert in the FCRA and the FDCA. As a United States Army veteran, she has credibility with service men and women. 

Joy has exceptional expertise in presenting consumer credit and risk management to a variety of audiences in multiple sectors including: 

• Bank executives
• Credit Unions
• Mortgage banks and brokers
• Real Estate agencies

Joy also has a unique ability to put together interactive seminars targeted towards: 
• Military Personnel, both active and reserve
• College graduates
• Veterans
• Consumers

Joy educates and empowers constituents in her classes. Whether executive staff, loan officers, real-estate agents or everyday consumers with credit-related issues, Joy’s audiences complete her seminars and classes knowledgeable, able, and confident to apply the information with which she arms them. She provides examples of how to either build credit or maintain it in the wake of real-life crises, such as the death of a spouse, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or job loss. 

Joy provides a powerful, inspirational and interactive presentation that teaches the secrets of credit and how to overcome credit challenges. Her workbook, called “The Credit Web," provides a simple yet informative guide that unmasks the complexity of credit.