Mya Tran-Harter

Founded by Mya Tran-Harter, The Mya Group at MVB Mortgage is creativity, experience, and intelligence having fun! A team of dynamic residential mortgage originators who will help you take your real-estate dreams to new heights and make them a reality, The Mya Group knows every client is as unique as their mortgage needs. Build your legacy and tradition with The Mya Group at MVB Mortgage. From the simplest to the most challenging loans, we invite you to dream out loud with us! By referral.

Knowledge is power, and an important component of knowledge is experience. With more than 22 years of proven experience and as a leader in the mortgage lending industry, I have the ingenuity you need to build, buy, renovate, or refinance one of the largest monetary investments your family will make. The home financing experience reimagined...welcome to The Mya Group, a team built of accomplished residential mortgage professionals working tirelessly for our clients.